Wooster Silver Tip Thin Angle Sash Paint Brush

Wooster Brush

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Wooster Silver Tip Thin Angle Sash Paint Brush

Made with CT™ polyester filaments for excellent leveling & smoothing.

Silver Tip® brushes are made the Wooster way, using our exclusive formula of chemically tipped (CT) polyester. This filament is very thin, flexible, and soft to virtually eliminate brushmarks. Silver Tip brushes are excellent for applying enamels to metal, smoothing varnish or polyurethane on wood, and leveling water-based paints to protect or decorate a surface. They offer semi-professional quality at a great price.

  • Angle sash
  • Soft
  • Thin Beach hardwood handle
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Bristles
    • 1.5" is 3/8" Thick with 2 3/16" Trim Length
    • 2" is 7/16" Thick with 2 7/16" Trim Length
    • 2.5" is 1/2" Thick with 2 11/16" Trim Length