Wooster Alpha Angle Sash Paint Brush

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Wooster Alpha Angle Sash Paint Brush 4231

Smoothest paint flow, less drag, Micro Tip™ for the finest finish with all paints, and superior production.

Alpha is made with  a truly unique blend, available only from Wooster. Micro Tip™ filament produce absolutely the finest finish in today's paints. Extensively testing shows it paints better than any other brush! Alpha is slightly fuller at the end to eliminate drag, but it still has a tapered shape for precise control. It holds more paint at the end of the brush, so there's less effort to release it--onto the surface, and after the job during cleaning.

Bottom line: Alpha will increase your daily production

  • Angle sash
  • Firm
  • Sealed maple wood handle
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Bristles
    • 2" is 9/16" Thick with 2 11/16" Trim Length
    • 2.5" is 5/8" Thick with 2 15/16" Trim Length
    • 3" is 11/16" Thick with 3 11/16" Trim Length

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