Graco FlexLiner Paint Bags 32oz 3pk 17A226


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Graco FlexLiner Paint Bags 32oz 3pk 17A226

3 pack of Graco 32oz FlexLiners for Graco Handheld Sprayers. Easy to clean or simply throw away when your done spraying.

Compatible with the following Graco paint sprayers:

  • TrueCoat 360 16Y385
  • TrueCoat 360DS 17A466
  • TrueCoat 360DSP 16Y386
  • TrueCoat 360VSP 17D889
  • Ultra Corded 17M359
  • TC Pro Corded 17N163
  • Ultra Cordless 17M363
  • TC Pro Cordless 17N166
  • UltraMax Cordless 17M367
  • TC Pro Plus Cordless 17N223
  • FinishPro HVLP Edge II Gun with FlexLiner System
  • FinshPro HVLP Edge II Plus Gun with FlexLiner System