Graco FlexLiner Paint Bags 32oz 25pk 17P212


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Graco FlexLiner Paint Bags 32oz 25pk 17P212

25 pack of Graco 32oz FlexLiners for Graco Ultra Handheld Sprayers. Easy to clean or simply throw away when you're done spraying.

Compatible with the following Graco paint sprayers:

  • TrueCoat 360 16Y385
  • TrueCoat 360DS 17A466
  • TrueCoat 360DSP 16Y386
  • TrueCoat 360VSP 17D889
  • Ultra Corded 17M359
  • TC Pro Corded 17N163
  • Ultra Cordless 17M363
  • TC Pro Cordless 17N166
  • UltraMax Cordless 17M367
  • TC Pro Plus Cordless 17N223
  • FinishPro HVLP Edge II Gun with FlexLiner System
  • FinshPro HVLP Edge II Plus Gun with FlexLiner System