Aquaborne Ceramithane Clear Matte Finish

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As of April 2023, while this is still manufactured in gallon size, we are no longer able to sell due to VOC Regulations in the state of Michigan, quart size are still available for purchase.


Aquaborne Ceramithane Clear Finish is an ultra-premium, water borne, acrylic-urethane finish coating that crosslinks to form a very hard, impervious film. Crosslinking unites the molecules to form a continuous barrier that protects the surface. The high build formula achieves a luxurious, deep, rich finish with just two coats. This product is very stain resistant and passes the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers tests. Use inside on wood, primed metal and masonry. Protects the finish of highly polished metals like brass, copper, aluminum and stainless.



  • For interior use
  • Proprietary resin and formulation
  • Passes Maple Flooring Institute and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association tests
  • High build, easy to apply
  • Stands up to the toughest commercial applications


Use inside on wood products, floors, furniture, woodwork, cabinets, and paneling. Excellent for polished metals such as copper, brass, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum. Seals masonry floors such as concrete and terrazzo.


Surfaces must be clean and free of oil, dirt and grease. If coating over previous coated surfaces, clean and sand lightly. Never use steel wool as fragments will rust, always use sandpaper. If using over new oil stain allow the stain to dry a minimum of 24 hours, 48 hours is ideal. If applying over a water based stain allow the stain to dry a minimum of 2 hours. 


350-450 square feet per gallon on smooth non porous surfaces.

Dry Time

Dries to touch in 1 hour at 70F and 50% relative humidity. Can be recoated after 4 hours, no more than 2 coats per day. If coating is cloudy allow more time to dry before recoating. 

Clean Up

Soap & Water


Ceramithane has a slight amber color. When used over very light wood such as white pine or over white substrates, a yellow color may be noticed. It is suggested Ceramithane be tried over a small area before coating very light substrates.