Accelerator Modified Siliconized Acrylic White Caulk

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The ACCELERATOR is a premium (proprietary) modified acrylic based sealant that offers unmatched
paintability. The ACCELERATOR allows you to spray paint immediately or brush/roll in only 30 minutes.
Can be used on a wide variety of interior / exterior surfaces, delivering good adhesion and durability. The
ACCELERATOR forms a flexible, durable airtight water resistant seal. Once cured the bead is mildew
resistant. It is low odor, easy to apply and is soap and water cleanup.

Product Details

  • Durable Air Tight Water Resistant Seal
  • Cured Mildew Resistant Bead
  • Interior / Exterior Use
  • Spray Paint Immediately
  • Brush or roll in 30 Minutes
  • Exceeds ASTM C-834, Type OP, Grade -18°C.
  • Up to 1/2” in properly designed joints
  • 50 year guarantee

Suggested Applications

  • Windows, doors, siding, mouldings, crown mouldings, baseboard, and trim

Suggested Substrates

  • Masonry, concrete, ceramic tile, brick, wood, and metal.

Surface Preparation

  • Surface must be dry and free of dirt, dust, oil, mildew, loose paint, old caulk or other contaminates.
  • Only apply when sealant surface and air temperature are above 40°F and rising.
  • Do not apply on surfaces above 120° F or when rain is expected.


  • Cut nozzle at a 45° angle.
  • Properly designed joint not to exceed 1/2” in width.
  • Use backer rod for joints deeper than 1/2”.
  • Tool or smooth bead within 5 to 10 minutes, depending on climatic conditions. This is a fast dry
    formulation, for best results, tool immediately to ensure best adhesion and a smooth bead.
  • Can be airless spray painted immediately.
  • Allow 30 minutes curing time before applying paint by brush or roller.
  • Full cure should occur 7-14 days after application.
  • Clean up tools with soap and water.


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