SamaN Water-Based Wood Stain


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Odorless Wood Stains by SamaN®, the new generation for performance! No danger to the environment, unflammable, super-concentrated, easy to use. No pre-stain or conditioner required. SamaN®'s outstanding and unique formula doesn't cause wood-grain raising,nor does it leave any sign of overlapping marks, as it re-wets itself, making it easier to mix the stain and eliminate marks from outlining areas.

It is advisable to try the stain out on an area or scrap lumber from the project that is not visible to check the desired color and effect. Remember the final color will be determined in part by the natural color of the wood, which will vary from one species to another.

  • Needs just 1 coat
  • No Need for conditioner
  • Does not leave overlapping marks
  • Does not raise the wood grain
  • Odorless
  • Inter-mixable for for endless color options


Shake thoroughly. Pour a small quantity of stain onto a sponge (use the sponge inside the Saman® staining kit, not included with stain) and rub with the grain. Wipe away the excess with a soft clean cloth.Take small sections at a time to avoid allowing the stain to dry between applications. Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for drying.

Clean Up

Wash implements with water and light soap.


To seal and protect your work in all it's glory, use SamaN® clear finish, available in Flat, Satin, Or Gloss