Jumbo-Koter Roller Frame

Wooster Brush

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Jumbo-Koter Roller Frame

The Jumbo-Koter system opened a new frontier for miniroller painting in 2002. with smooth-spin cage frames that never drag, and branded Wooster miniroller fabrics that create a consistent finish from edge to edge, painters can get surprisingly big results.

Jumbo-Koter frames are the key element of the Jumbo-Koter program, the frames have Wooster's exclusive, easy-roll cage. The Jimbo-Koter cage spins so smoothly, without skidding up the wall, that some painters feel like they're working in zero gravity. All 4.5" and 6.5" Jumbo-Koter covers easily dock with any Jumbo-Koter Frame!


  • Solvent-resistant plastic cage, extra-smooth rolling action
  • Chrome-plated 1/4” shank
  • Full-size polypropylene grip with reinforced threads, Sherlock GT® compatible
  • Works with both 4 1⁄2” and 6 1⁄2” Jumbo-Koter rollers