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Graco UltraMax II 490 PC Pro Electric Airless Paint Sprayer Lo-Boy 17E853

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Graco UltraMax II 490 PC Pro Electric Airless Paint Sprayer Lo-Boy 17E853


Latest Generation 490

The Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro airless sprayer is the ideal step-up for the professional contractor looking for superior performance and features in a small electric sprayer. The MaxPower brushless motor delivers more torque and SmartControl 3.0 adjusts motor speed to match your spraying needs.


  • Fast and easy on-the-job Pump Replacement System
  • 1-minute jobsite replacement in 3 simple steps
  • Endurance™ Now program available

MaxPower Motor

  • Graco's compact and powerful brushless DC motors are designed to produce the most power possible for all painting applications
  • Higher torque = More work done
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled design protects the internal components of the motor from dirt, dust and overspray
  • Brushless design means that you will never need to replace brushes
  • DC motors are more forgiving to voltage fluctuation, and can run on longer power cords

Endurance™ Pump

  • The most reliable pump on the market - lasts 2 times longer than the next leading brand
  • Long-life V-Max Blue™ packings, Chromex™ rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder
  • QuikAccess™ intake valve for fast cleaning

Advantage Drive™

  • Hardened steel gears run extremely quiet
  • High-ratio reduction provides slow pump stroking

Easy Out™ Pump Filter

  • Vertical design helps eliminate spills
  • Filters from the inside our and won't collapse
  • Large 7.8-square-inch filtering area reduces tip clogs
  • Flow-through design cleans with only a few gallons


  • High-flow cleaning system runs faster and dramatically reduces cleaning time

Smart Control 3.0

  • Digital display shows pressure, gallons, and hours
  • Provides error messages and diagnostics
  • Ideal for maintenance tracking
  • Increased spray consistency, monitors performance and adjust motor speed to match your spraying needs.

BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management (New)

  • Track your sprayers location and hourly productivity
  • On Demand job facts and reporting available remotely
  • Set maintenance schedule and alerts

Lightweight Contractor Pro Gun (New)

  • Lightweight design provides all day comfort
  • Up to 50% lighter trigger pull force
  • Adjustable E-Z Fit Trigger 
  • No tool, on the job gun rebuild with ProConnect cartridge

More Features:

  • Durable Lo-Boy Cart Design has a convenient bucket hook for movement without spilling
  • Withstands rugged environments
  • StandLo-Boy or Hi-Boy models available

Units include:

  • Contractor PC Gun
  • RAC X™ LTX 517 Spray Tip and Guard
  • 1/4 in x 50 ft (6.4 mm x 15 m) BlueMax™ II Airless Hose 
  • 4oz TSL (Throat Seal Liquid)