Graco RAC X 30 Inch Spray Gun Extension 287022


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Graco RAC X 20 Inch Spray Gun Extension 287021

Graco's full line of Extended Reach Tools are ideal for hard-to-reach areas like soffits, stairways and vaulted ceilings. Extend your range and spray more efficiently without ladders or scaffolding.

  • Includes RAC X HandTite Guard standard with 7/8" gun nut and OneSeal
  • Can be combined for extended reach up to 6 ft
  • Maximum working pressure is 4050 psi

Compatible with:

  • All standard airless spray guns with 7/8" thread (i.e. Graco FTx, Contractor, Silver Plus)
  • Graco Ultra Corded 17M359 and Ultra Cordless 17M363 paint sprayers (not UltraMax)
  • Graco TC Pro Corded 17N163 and TC Pro Cordless 17N166 paint sprayers (not TC Pro Plus)