Graco Handheld Solvent Resistant 42oz Cup Assembly 17P553


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Graco Handheld 42oz Solvent Resistant Cup Assembly 17P553

The industry-first innovative FlexLiner System makes cleanup simple. Just toss or reuse the 42oz bag after you finish spraying; it’s your choice. The FlexLiner system allows you to spray in any direction, even upside down. Keep an extra system handy to make switching between colors or materials quick and easy.

Upgrade to the 42oz Cup Assembly for more spraying and less filling. Go further with 10 more ounces than the standard 32oz cup that came with your sprayer.

Compatible with Solvent-based materials. 

Comes Complete with:

  • 42oz Cup
  • Lid
  • Liner
  • Plug
  • VacuValve cap