Graco BlueMax II Hose 100' x 1/4" 223771

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Graco BlueMax II Hose 100' x 1/4" 223771

To maximize performance, choose BlueMax II high performance airless hose. With superior flexibility and durability, BlueMax II is designed to ensure you get the best results from your airless sprayer.

BlueMax II 100' x 1/4" Airless Hose (3300 P.S.I)

  • Lightweight & Flexible - over 10% lighter weight and increased hose flexibility improves usability while spraying under pressure. 
  • Highest safety standards - conductive core meets the highest worldwide safety standards unlike competitive ground wire hose designs. 
  • Minimal hose recoil memory - superior flexibility and reduced coil memory provides ease of use during coiling and uncoiling. 
  • Corrosion-resistant - yellow zinc-plated spring guards are more corrosion resistant.