Graco Airless Four Finger FTx Paint Gun w/ RAC X Tip & Guard 288430


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 Graco FTx 4 Finger Gun w/ RAC X 515 Tip & Guard 288430

Exclusive FlexSeal™ Needle

  • Totally enclosed patented design eliminates needle's exposure to fluid, extends needle life by 70%, and ensures consistent needle shut-off
  • Fluid pushes on seal to quickly shut off needle and reduce spitting flex-seal-contgun-cutaway2.jpg
  • Spring is located outside fluid path for better flow
  • Helps eliminate pack out and slow needle shut-off

Reduced Gun Spitting

  • Repositioned seat is closer to the tip, eliminating 60% of the dead space
  • Less paint left between the needle and tips results in less spitting.

Ergonomic Design

  • Form-fitted handle provides maximum control and comfort
  • Detachable trigger guard swings clear of gun handle for easy filter access
  • Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue

Trigger Lock and Gun Trigger

  • Smooth, lightweight trigger pull with simple, thumb-engaged safety lock
  • FTX comes with a 4 finger trigger

Modular Needle Cartridge

  • Easiest gun to service on the market
  • Simply remove the trigger cross pin and unthread front housing to change out needle

EasyGlide Swivel

  • Exclusive dual-seat swivel design reduces sealing friction under pressure, making this the best swivel on the market

EasyOut™ Gun Filter

  • Filters from the inside out to prevent filter from collapsing
  • Interchangeable with Contractor II and FTX II guns.
  • 60 Mesh 287032 or 100 Mesh 287033