California Paints Ultra AquaBorne Ceramic Semi-Gloss Paint

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California Paints Ultra AquaBorne Ceramic Semi-Gloss Paint 757xx Series

This product is a 100% Acrylic Ceramic Microsphere wall and trim finish that offers superior washability and stain resistance. This ultra washable semi gloss finish coating boasts exceptional mar resistance and superior stain release.  It is a beautiful, durable paint for kitchen cabinets, doors, woodwork, furniture, and walls where a semi-gloss finish is desired.


  • Exceptional stain resistance
  • Superior stain release
  • Unparalleled performance & durability
  • Levels and appears like an oil base paint


Use on all interior new or previously painted
surfaces, such as wood, brick, stone,
concrete, cement block, plaster, wallboard
and other drywall construction as well as

 White is California Paint's #01 SuperHide White and may be tinted in certain sizes and products.