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Terry's Tip March 2017: Interior Paint Basics

Posted by Terry Muller on Mar 1st 2017

Interior Paint Finish Basics

Traditional flat paint is used primarily as a ceiling finish or inexpensive wall finish, giving you a professional flat look with little to no roller marks. However, these finishes do not provide much washability. Top of the line flat & matte finishes, as in Ultra Ceramic Matte from California Paints, are a good choice for all walls. They feature superb washability and stain resistance, and yet a rich, dull finish. Paints with an eggshell sheen feature the lower luster of an actual chicken egg, and can be used for ceilings, walls and trim with moderate washability. Satin and Semi Glosses are generally applied to kitchens, baths and trim where maximum scrubability is required. 

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