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Terry's Tip August 2017: Brush, Roller, or Spray?

Posted by Terry Muller on Aug 2nd 2017

Which is the best choice for my painting project? All three methods of application work fine. For doors and trim, inside or out, many home owners hire out a professional painter or buy an inexpensive sprayer and tackle the project. With today's waterborne finishes, painting doors and trim can be done with professional results. Let Mullers recommend the proper brush and short nap roller cover to get that professional finished look. Prepping well and selecting the applicators for today's paint will provide you with a job well done. The key to a professional look is a combination of the substrate temperature being cool and selecting the best rollers and brushes that match up with your selection of paint. Instead of painting a door with just a brush, use the combination of a quality brush for the insets of the door followed by a 4" short nap lintless or microfiber roller for all the flat areas. This combination speeds up the application time allowing the paint to flow, drastically minimizing or eliminating brush marks. When painting exterior doors, the substrate temperature (door temp) can be lowered by simply avoiding direct sunlight on a hot day. This makes all the difference on the paints ability to dry slower and flow, plus ensuring the paint will bond well to the surface. 

Simple tips-- great results.