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Terry's Tip April 2017: Ready Set Deck--Not Yet!

Posted by Terry Muller on Apr 1st 2017

Ready set DECK--Not Yet!

You can and should start soon to prepare your decks for stain. We are close to deck prep weather. For deck cleaners to work efficiently we need the surface temperature of the deck boards themselves to be at approximately 50 degrees. Once your deck is cleaned you should wait until our evening temperatures don't fall below 50 that will insure the deck stains can properly dry and cure. By mid April we should have sustained daytime temps into the 60's which will work for the stain application and cure. Spring rains after cleaning will compare to a normal garden hose low pressure rinse. If heavy spring rains come after your cleaning then wait approximately one week and the deck will be ready for staining again. If in your deck cleaning you choose to use a power washer as your method of rinse, the high pressure will temporarily close the surface wood cells on the boards. This pressure will restrict the ability for the stain to properly strike into the board and result in the risk of the stain to peel. We recommend a minimum of 10 days after power washing with any significant pressure before staining. View our stains and deck cleaners online, or stop in for a recommendation.  

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