Terry's Tips

Wallpaper That Fits your Style & Budget

Posted by Terry Muller on Aug 1st 2018

Wallpaper is making a comeback, with popular designers and TV hosts like Joanna Gaines and Sarah Richardson putting out their own collections. There are patterns that looks like wood, marble … read more

Start Spring Paint Prep

Posted by Terry Muller on Apr 1st 2018

Now is the time to get the exterior of your home or the surface of your existing deck ready for coating! We are often asked how long after washing the siding or preparing a deck for the … read more

Roll Lightly

Posted by Terry Muller on Mar 1st 2018

While rolling out ceilings, a few things to remember. Keep the room temperature low, 60ish while painting to allow the paint to dry slowly, preventing many of the roller marks left behind fo … read more

Always Sand after Priming Drywall

Posted by Terry Muller on Feb 1st 2018

An often overlooked and important step when renovating with new drywall. After the board is hung, finished and primed, remember to lightly sand the primed walls again before finish painting. Now … read more