Storm Category 5 Quick Dry Oil Primer

California Paints

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This special wood primer is designed to be used under white and light solid colored stains to inhibit extractive bleeding and provide a long-lasting finish. This neutralizes and helps eliminate the natural tannin or sugar staining and discoloration produced by bare woods such as red cedar, redwood, fir, pine, or white cedar, and seals the wood for uniformity of the finish. This primer has excellent adhesion to wood surfaces and is highly resistant to peeling. The unique breathable formulation also helps to diminish the surface rusting of uncoated nails.


Ideal for shakes, shingles, clapboards, siding, trim, and hardboards. Top coat with Storm Category 4 100% Acrylic Stain or Storm Category 4 Acrylic Stain W/ Enduradeck on horizontal or deck applications.


400-500 Square Feet per gallon on smooth wood.

Minimum Temperature

Air and surface temperatures should be above 50F 

Dry Time

At 70F 50% RH, 4-5 hours dry to touch, 6 hours to handle, and 4 hours minimal to recoat. Cold temperatures or higher humidity will slow down dry time.