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Magnolia Home Vol 3 Collection

Artful Prints & Patterns

The Magnolia Home Artful Prints & Patterns wallpaper collection by Joanna Gaines from York Wallcoverings is genuinely fun featuring patterns that are unique, whimsical and playful; wallcoverings like these are an easy way to infuse your personality and style into your home and tell your family’s story.

Manufactured on SureStrip™, a unique high performance substrate, this ultra-easy removable wallpaper is guaranteed easy to install and easy to remove; simply use water to activate.

Cross Stitch Wallpaper

Watercolor brushstrokes depict a hand-embroidered cross stitching which puts a unique twist on this classic and familiar pattern.

Fox & Hare Wallpaper

Inspired by whimsical stories of times past, this print depicts forest friends with the charm of folklore illustrations.

Thread Stripe Wallpaper

Breezy, softly carded threads create this easy-to-love, five-inch-wide canvas stripe.

Meadow Wallpaper

Delicate wildflowers create a blanket of soft color in this allover floral with the look of a painter’s canvas.

Watercolor Roses Wallpaper

Inspired by classic heritage florals, this soft watercolor rose print is reclaimed in beautifully simplistic form and color.

Vantage Point Wallpaper

Hand loomed, stacked, triangles undulate from small to large creating the look of a tribal blanket pattern on a woven background.

Willow Wallpaper

Watercolor willows create a curtain of flowing stems to form a botanically inspired stripe.

Hill & Horizon Wallpaper

Rolling hills in silhouette create a scenic landscape of horizontal stripes with their shapes charmingly enhanced by an overlay of print, reminiscent of hand painted cloth.

Stacked Scallops Wallpaper

Playfully stacked scallop shells create a vibrant, contemporary classic, rendered in a hand painted style.

Fairy Tales Wallpaper

This whimsical pattern depicts an allover white painterly silhouette that is inspired by European folk art prints.

Pick-Up Sticks Wallpaper

Inspired by the game of its namesake, these soft lines create a loosely defined herringbone pattern with an allover stripe effect.

Sunday Best Wallpaper

The look of linen creates a perfect canvas for this tried and true check pattern.

Hopscotch Wallpaper

Printed with chalkboard ink, this oversized check forms a simple grid outline which acts as a useable chalkboard.

Hopscotch Inverse Wallpaper

Printed with chalkboard ink, this oversized check forms a simple grid outline which acts as a useable chalkboard.