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Graco UltraMax II 490 PC Electric Airless Paint Sprayer - LoBoy 17C328

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Graco UltraMax II 490 PC Electric Airless Paint Sprayer - LoBoy 17C328


The new Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro Stand brings the leading technology and performance of Graco's larger Ultra Max II models into these compact sprayers. The Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro is the ideal step-up for professionals looking for superior performance and features in a small electric sprayer. The best choice for professionals looking for superior performance and control for daily use on residential jobs.


  • Fast and easy on-the-job Pump Replacement System
  • 1-minute jobsite replacement in 3 simple steps
  • Endurance™ Now program available

MaxPower Motor

  • Graco's compact and powerful brushless DC motors are designed to produce the most power possible for all painting applications
  • Higher torque = More work done
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled design protects the internal components of the motor from dirt, dust and overspray
  • Brushless design means that you will never need to replace brushes
  • DC motors are more forgiving to voltage fluctuation, and can run on longer power cords

Endurance™ Pump

  • The most reliable pump on the market - lasts 2 times longer than the next leading brand
  • Long-life V-Max Blue™ packings, Chromex™ rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder
  • QuikAccess™ intake valve for fast cleaning

Advantage Drive™

  • Hardened steel gears run extremely quiet
  • High-ratio reduction provides slow pump stroking

Easy Out™ Pump Filter

  • Vertical design helps eliminate spills
  • Filters from the inside our and won't collapse
  • Large 7.8-square-inch filtering area reduces tip clogs
  • Flow-through design cleans with only a few gallons


  • High-flow cleaning system runs faster and dramatically reduces cleaning time

Smart Control 2.5

  • Digital display shows pressure, gallons, and hours
  • Provides error messages and diagnostics
  • Ideal for maintenance tracking
  • Aids in fleet management

More Features:

  • Durable Cart Design
  • StandLoBoy or HiBoy models available

Units include:

  • Contractor Gun
  • RAC X™ 517 Spray Tip and Guard
  • 1/4 in x 50 ft (6.4 mm x 15 m) BlueMax™ II Airless Hose